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Are you looking for clean Hygienic wall protection, for your clean Hygienic wall? Call us 1-800-598-2153

July 27th, 2012, No Comments

Anti-microbial is a powder coating that is FDA compliant Anti-microbial defends walls from bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae is Anti-microbial an outstanding source of protection it can also be applied to all surfaces, in any color and gloss level Surfaces protected include: refrigerators, ventilation and air conditioning systems, medical laboratory equipment, surfaces in schools, door handles, [...]

Protek’s Antimicrobial Hygienic Wall Can Help Fight the spread of Hospital Infection!

May 8th, 2011, No Comments

Protek Systems, Inc. wants to help win the fight against the spread of Hospital Infections!   Uncealn Hospitals are a danger to patients nationwide.  Protek’s Antimicrobial Hygienic wall systems can help by creating a suface that will not allow for the growth of these harmfull bacterias.   According to RID: Hospital infections kill an estimated 100,000 people in [...]


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