RCR-4SS Recessed Stainless Steel Crash Rail

August 12th, 2011

RCR-4ss Shown with No Drywall

Protek Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that they have manufactured a recessed flush-mount stainless steel wall guard.  The RCR-4ss is custom fabricated to the wall thickness being specified.  The flush mount along the top of the bumper  keeps dust, dirt, & harmful bacteria from building up along the top side of the bumper.  The 2″ projection keeps beds, wheel chairs and cart traffic off the walls preventing damaged drywall surfaces.  The ultra clean look & the durability of the crash rail will keep you walls safe and looking beautiful.  For more information on RCR-4ss please visit www.hygienicwalls.com or call Alan Austin at 800-598-2153 for pricing or more information.

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