Protek Photo Wall Protection

December 15th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. now offers Digital Photo Wall ProtectionPhotographic 80 wall protection allows you to display a logo, image, or decorative pattern on a rigid vinyl sheet that is both impact-resistant and ultra hygienic. 080 Photo Wall Panels can be thermoformed to fit inside and outside corners. It can applied as a wainscot, or cover the entire wall – even ceilings!PhotoLite 40 has an innovative plastic core that provides a lightweight, durable panel. Protek PhotoLite is 100% moisture resistant, will not rot or corrode, and is ideal for wash down areas. The interlocking edges provide a seamless connection for faster installation. The seamless connection allows PhotoLite panels to display a continuous image, logo, or color scheme down a corridor, in a lobby, or around an office or patient room. Visit for more information.

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