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September 16th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. now offers Altro Whiterock Satins on Altro Whiterock Satins is a grout-free, hygienic alternative to tiles and is now available in a new range of colors. In response to changing color trends, the Altro Whiterock Satins range has been updated to give you a number of fresh options for an attractive single-color finish. Protek Systems, Inc. has the ability to thermoform all inside and outside corners and heat weld all seams, wich creates a smooth and completely seamless wall covering. Altro Whiterock Satins is grout free, easy to clean, and completely hygienic. To request samples or a quote, please call Protek Sytems, Inc. at 1-800-598-2152 or vist the website

Thermoformed in the field for a sink application

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